About Little Monkey Sports

Little Monkey Sports programs have been designed for young children to develop their basic movement skills in their early years so they can develop more complex skills later. For children to perform skills in sport, they need to combine their basic skills. For example, in soccer, they combine the separate skills of running and kicking as they pass and shoot. Their basic movement skills are the foundation movements for their future sports and physical recreation. 


Little Monkey Sports have developed their own unique program for each stage of learning combining locomotor skills, balance skills and ball skills. We also focus on proprioceptive development and vestibular development at all learning stages.

Each session we focus on children PLAYING and having FUN while learning and developing all these skills. There is always a SPORTING theme and new skills will be combined to try new sports and activities.

Sports that we include in sessions: Soccer, cricket, basketball, netball, tennis, AFL, athletics, hockey, rugby and dodgeball.

About Us


Why Choose Us?


Each day at Little Monkey Sports we wake up and can’t wait for the day ahead doing something we have passion for. We love what we do and hope you have the same enthusiasm for our sessions as us.


We believe that communication between us and parents is key. Once your child is enrolled into a Little Monkey Sport Program you will be able to access our parent’s area on our website. Here you will find updates about sessions during each term, activities to try at home, uploaded photos and videos of your children participating in sessions, and many other features. For us we think this is important for all our programs, but is invaluable to our childcare programs where mums or dads are not present at classes to take part with their little one.

 Limited class size


We have set our maximum class size to 10 children so that each child receives direct attention from our instructors.

 Class stages  

Due to the vastness of development stage for children aged 18mths to 5 years we run sessions in age groups designed for the ability of children in accordance to developmental stage. This means that your child will only ever be place in a class with similar aged children.

What We Teach

At Little Monkey Sports we want all children to gain new sports specific skills as well as develop their fundamental movement skills.  

Sports that we cover at Little Monkey sports: 


  • Soccer 

  • Tennis 

  • Basketball 

  • Hockey 

  • Cricket 

  • Netball 

  • AFL 

  • Rugby 

  • Athletics

  • Dodgeball


While teaching new skills in these sports we will also be developing fundamental movement skills. These can be grouped into 3 sections: 


Locomotor Skills – Used to move the body from one place to another. These include walking, running, skipping, hopping, jumping, sliding, leaping and climbing. 


Balance Skills – Used to control the body in stillness and motion. These include bending, stretching, stopping, turning, landing and static and dynamic balancing. 


Ball Skills – Used to send an object, receive an object and travel with an object. These include throwing, rolling, catching, kicking, dribbling and striking. 


Above all our sessions will teaching your children to have FUN while learning and developing sporting skills.