Daycare Programs


Get active, learn new sports/skills, have heaps of FUN and keep healthy!


Little Monkey Sports offers unique weekly fundamental movement and sports development programs to children in childcare. Little Monkey Sports are about enjoying a healthy active lifestyle, working on and gaining new motor skills, building self esteem, learning to work as a team, educational but above all FUN! 



One of the great things about Little Monkey Sports is we are already in their child’s day care centre! We arrive and set up at the centre so there are no excursions  necessary! We bring our specialist equipment and enthusiasm for sport to each session.

Parents are loving the convenience and the fact that there is no extra running around for them during their precious family time

How Little Monkey Sports can help your Childcare Centre achieve National Quality Framework Standards?


Here at Little Monkey Sports we understand how busy Childcare Centres are and we would like to take some of the pressure off you by being able to help you implement and achieve some standards of the National Quality Framework through our specialised childcare program.  

Through our program we aim to build children's confidence, sense of wellbeing, their willingness to engage in learning and participation in physical activity. 



How does the Little Monkey Sport Childcare Program help you achieve National Standards? 


During our sessions we will: 

  • Encourage and provide appropriate support to children to participate in new or unfamiliar physical experiences.

  • Become involved in and enjoy children’s physical activity.

  • Encourage each child’s level of participation in physical activities according to the child’s abilities and their level of comfort with the activities. 

  • Encourage and support children to use increasingly complex sensory motor skills and movement patterns that:  

o    Combine gross and fine motor movement and balance  

o     Increase their spatial awareness  

o    Use and develop their problem-solving skills   


  • Provide evidence of children showing enthusiasm for participating in physical play and negotiating play spaces to ensure the safety and well being of themselves and others.

  • Talk with the children about how their bodies work and the importance of physical activity to people’s health and well being. 

  • Give opportunities for children to engage in dance and creative movement.

  • Support for toddlers to develop co-ordinated movement through planned experiences, such as action songs, dancing and throwing and kicking balls.



National Standard 2.2 

Promote healthy lifestyles 

What we aim to achieve with standard 2.2  

A strong sense of health and wellbeing supported by good nutrition and an active lifestyle  

provides children with confidence, energy and optimism that contributes to their ability to  

concentrate, cooperate and learn (Early Years Learning Framework, page 30) 


Learning about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and physical fitness, is integral to  

wellbeing and self-confidence. During our sessions we will encourage children to solve problems in relation to physical challenges.  

National Standard 2.2 Element 2.2.2  


Physical activity is promoted through planned and spontaneous experiences and is appropriate for each child.  

What we aim to achieve with element 2.2.2  

Physical wellbeing contributes to children’s ability to socialise, concentrate, cooperate and learn. Physical activity and attention to fine and gross motor skills provide children with the foundations for their growing independence and satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves (Early Years Learning Framework, page 30).