Girls in Sport

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 Here at Little Monkey Sports we are so pleased to see the large amount of girls getting involved in sport at such a young age! However we have noticed over the last year that our boy:girl ratio is on average 3:1. So we are looking into how we can change this.... 

Recent studies have shown that girls are often disadvantaged from a young age, normally playing organised sport around 2 years later than young boys. They also show that boys will start developing advanced movement skills from a young as 2 years old and they are encouraged more strongly by their parents to participate in sport. 

We know that by following our Joey Tots program girls and boys are on an even playing field from the age of 18 months upwards. We will be following children enrolled in our programs as they get older to see how they progress. Our aim is provide outstanding multi-sport and fundamental movement programs up to the age of 7 years and then have a range of sports clubs that we can feed these children into depending on each child's sporting preference. Children are also tested at primary school for fundamental movement skills, we know currently the results are generally poor and will be following our Little Monkey Sports children's progress as they enter into Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.  We are currently delivering our program at one local school in which we will be starting our observations. 

How can we motivate girls to play sport? 

Start at home – Have FUN just kicking balls around, playing throw and catch, take a ball or cricket set to the beach, shoot hoops in the front yard. 

There is no such thing as perfect – Reinforce realistic expectations. Celebrate her achievements, remain optimistic and teach her that its OK to loose.  

Be supportive – If your child shows an interest in a activity encourage participation but do not force it. 

Give your child a role model – This can come in many different forms, female family members or friends. Take your daughter to watch these people play their chosen sport, even if it's just a training session. Another idea could be to take her to watch a women's league game. 

Benefits of girls playing sport... 

There are so many benefits of exercise. It has been proven that girls who play sport perform better at school, we know that exercise improves learning, memory and concentration. They will also learn teamwork and goal setting skills – it is no coincidence that 80% of female executives identified as being a sporty 'tomboy' when they were a child. They will be healthier, having strong bones, healthy weight and strong muscles. Exercise promotes psychological well-being with the release on endorphins it lifts mood, relieves stress and fights depression and anxiety. Playing sport gives opportunities to make new friends, increases confidence and gives a positive body image.