What We Teach

At Little Monkey Sports we want all children to gain new sports specific skills as well as develop their fundamental movement skills.  

Sports that we cover at Little Monkey sports: 


  • Soccer 

  • Tennis 

  • Basketball 

  • Hockey 

  • Cricket 

  • Netball 

  • AFL 

  • Rugby 

  • T-Ball

  • Athletics


While teaching new skills in these sports we will also be developing

fundamental movement skills.


These can be grouped into 3 sections: 


Locomotor Skills – Used to move the body from one place to another. These include walking, running, skipping, hopping, jumping, sliding, leaping and climbing. 


Balance Skills – Used to control the body in stillness and motion. These include bending, stretching, stopping, turning, landing and static and dynamic balancing. 


Ball Skills – Used to send an object, receive an object and travel with an object. These include throwing, rolling, catching, kicking, dribbling and striking. 


Above all our sessions will teaching your children to have FUN while learning and developing sporting skills.